Endangered Insects: The American Burying Beetle

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Blog Post Author: Claire LaCanne, Natural Resource Management, South Dakota State University You might not want to cuddle a cockroach, photograph an ant, or hug a dung beetle. You might think bugs are rather creepy. But, we have good reason to regard insects with love, affection, or at the very least, gratitude. There are plenty of insects that are endangered that …

Insects as the Solution Instead of the Problem

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Many people’s innate opinion is that the only good bug is a dead bug. When an insect is out of place, we stomp, spray, scratch, swat, flick, plow, cut, and smash to regain control of the situation. After all, entomologists count thousands of species of insects that can be regarded as pests. Although inherently impossible to know for sure, two numbers I have seen kicked around by experts note 3,500-15,000 insect species worldwide that may be considered pests by humans 2,3. These insects eat our food, destroy our homes and yards, bite our children in the night, get into our cupboards, transmit diseases, etc. Indeed, insects have killed more soldiers than any bullets or bombs; they have literally turned the tides of war 5.

Thousands of species of pest insects! We need to kill all of these insects before it is too late, right?

Wrong. Potentially dead wrong.